Free to fly (step towards blogging)

This is the post excerpt.

A breath of fresh air to start with a smile as it can make you shine even brighter than the sun and aim high.

Hopes up..!!!

The very first step to enter and conquer the world by your thoughts and imaginations and make people out there to reconcile their dreams and take step towards its fulfilment.

Crispy potato cutlets

A quick and easy snack recipe that can be served with green chutney,mayonnaise or any dip as per your liking

Ingredients:- Serving-4 persons

Potatoes (boiled and mashed)-250 gm
Mix Masala-1/2 tsp
Red Chilli Pwd-1/2 tsp
Oregano-to taste
Salt-to taste
Refined Flour-2 tbsp
Green Chillies (chopped)- 4
Ginger (Shredded)- 1tbsp
Coriander leaves (chopped)
Bread crumbs- 2 cup
Corn Starch Slurry (1:2) (cornstarch:water)
Heart Shape Cookie Cutter

Oil (for frying)


1.Take a bowl and add mashed potatoes in it.

2.In it add mix masala pwd,red chilli pwd,oregano,salt,green chillies,ginger and coriander leaves.

3.Now mix all the ingredients nicely.

4.Add refined flour spoon by spoon into the mixture and mix properly.

5.Now spread some refined flour on your worktop so that the mixture does not sticks to the top.

6.Make equal roundals of the mixture.

7.Now with the help of heart shape cookie cutter give shapes to the roundals.

8.Dip these heart shape cutlets in the cornstarch slurry and then coat it with breadcrumbs.

9.Pat them properly so that crumbs stick to the cutlets properly.

10.Now heat oil in a pan.

11.Deep fry them on high flame for 1-1 min each both sides or until they become golden brown.

12.Keep them on absorbent paper or kitchen towel and present them in a plate with dip of your choice.

They are ready to serve…!!

Special tips:

1.Wash Potatoes nicely and take same size of potatoes.

3.Add salt while boiling Potatoes.

2.Don’t overboil the Potatoes,as soon as they are ready strain them and keep them aside for 5 mins,it will not only make the potatoes mashable but will also prevent your mixture from becoming watery.

Hope you all will try this lipsmacking snack and will tell me how it tasted..😍

Thank You….!!!

Tim Bucks Two

Hey fam,

Yesterday I gave a visit to this small eating joint at the Phoenix United Mall,Alambagh,Lucknow….they serve Mexican,Italian and Lebanese dishes which make them different from any other regular eating point.

We ordered farm fresh pizza,nachos and falafel with pita bread and all the three dishes were served in the blink of an eye and were really very fresh and tasty.

Falafel with pita bread

The pita breads were quite moist and good while the sauces had perfect blend of spices and a sweet and salty taste….overall 4/5 for this dish

Farm fresh pizza and nachos

The pizza was really fresh and full of veggies and herbs and does gave an aromatic fragrance which makes your mouth waters and nachos are crispy and tasty but salsa needs a little bit seasoning.



Happy hours between 11:00-5:00pm which make you enjoy your meal at 20% discount

Overall this place is a must try on from my side….go and enjoy the taste and flavour they serve


Value for money :4/5


Eat and repeat…#keepsnitching✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

The Cherry Tree❣️❣️

Hey guys,

my visit to The Cherry Tree cafe located near No.8 Chauraha,NiralaNagar,Lucknow was quite impressive.It is a bakery turn cafe with beautiful and eye soothing wallpapers all around and the eye catching picture of Buland Darwaza.They have a variety of food items starting from a normal range to a good and impressive food items which involve salads for the healthy freaks.

We ordered farmers lasagna,mac and cheese along with blueberry coaster and lemonade and tiramisu cake.The drinks are for sure a great thing to try on but lasagna and mac and cheese is not up to the mark,they need some improvisation else the tiramisu cake was sinful.

Farmers lasagna

Mac and cheese

Blueberry coaster and lemonade



Value for money: 4/5



Being a bakery turned cafe,the most delicious thing is the cakes and pasteries that they serve.

The cafe is becoming popular day by day and would be on my recommendation list.

Keep loving food..!!!!

Why am I here…???

Being a part of this generation and having wide range of professions to opt for there is a state of confusion that arises in everyone’s life at some of point of time- ‘What should I be?‘ Or ‘What should I do?’

Being ambitious there are tonnes of options to grab,but no idea to start from where….

Believe it or not most of the people suffer from this disorder of confusion.

Here is my story from the same disorder where I wanted to be a teacher in 3rd grade ,a singer in 5th grade,dancer in 7th grade,an orator in 8th grade,a fashion designer in 10th and an air hostess in 12th so I could travel around the world.And being ambitious this is common to all.

i is actually difficult to find the right place where your heart says – ‘ This is it..!!’ From my experience I can say it is not going to be easy to find that right place but if the door is closed look for a window

So blogging is my window…!!!! Through this window I would like to share experiences,stories and journeys while discovering the mystery of life myself along with a partner in crime (my sister)

And here the journey begins….!!!